How to order

1. Sign Up free as a new member of SilkyTrend.com

2. Select the items you want, and click "View" for more info of the product OR

3. Click "Add to cart" to add the item to your shopping list.

4. Click "Cart" to edit your cart items OR

5. Click "Check out" to check out your shopping cart.

6. You can check your shipping fee here, select the country or states to view the shipping fee.

7. You can edit your delivery address or billing address here if you want to change it.

8. Choose your preferred delivery method and click Next.

9. Choose your preferred payment method.

10. Confirm your order and make payment within 48 hours.

11. Orders will be cancelled automatically if payment is not made within 48 hours upon order made or     without any further notice given for late payment.

12. Please kindly inform us after payment made via email to sales@silkytrend.com or SMS to 012-4535988.

13. ATM machines are not accepting small notes, so if you paid more than the amount needed, we will refund you the balance in the parcel or you can request us to generate a voucher of the amount for you to use in next order. 

14. Lastly, wait for your lovely items to arrive. ^^