5 Morning Habits That Help You Lose Weight


1. Eat A High Protein Breakfast

  •  What you eat for breakfast can set the course for your entire day. It determines if you’ll feel full and satisfied until lunch.
  •  Eating a high-protein breakfast may help cut cravings and aid in weight loss.
  •  Protein may also aid weight loss by decreasing levels of ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” that is responsible for increasing appetite.
  •  To help get your day off to a good start, consider protein sources like eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts and chia seeds.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

  •  Starting your morning with a glass or two of water is an easy way to enhance weight loss.
  •  Water can help increase your energy expenditure, or the number of calories your body burns, for at least 60 minutes.
  •  Drinking water may reduce appetite and food intake in some individuals.
  •  Starting your morning with water and staying well hydrated throughout the day is a great way to boost weight loss with minimal effort.

3. Squeeze In Some Exercise

  •  Getting in some physical activity first thing in the morning can help boost weight loss.
  •  While there was not much difference noted in specific food cravings between those who exercised in the morning versus the afternoon, working out in the morning was associated with a higher level of satiety.
  •  Exercising in the morning may also help keep blood sugar levels steady throughout the day. Low blood sugar can result in many negative symptoms, including excessive hunger.
  •  It's help to improved blood sugar control.

4. Sleep Longer

  • - Going to bed a bit earlier or setting your alarm clock later to squeeze in some extra sleep may help increase weight loss.
  •  Lack of sleep has also been linked to an increase in calorie intake.
  •  In one study, 12 participants consumed an average of 559 more calories after getting just four hours of sleep, compared to when they got a full eight hours
  •  Establishing a healthy sleep schedule is a critical component of weight loss, along with eating well and exercising.
  •  To maximize your results, aim for at least eight hours of sleep per night.

5. Practice Mindfulness

  •  Mindfulness is a practice that involves fully focusing on the present moment and bringing awareness to your thoughts and feelings.
  •  For example, an analysis of 19 studies found that mindfulness-based interventions increased weight loss and reduced obesity related eating behaviors.
  •  Practicing mindfulness is simple. To get started, try spending five minutes each morning sitting comfortably in a calm space and connecting with your senses.

For the best results, make sure you combine these morning habits with a well-rounded diet and healthy lifestyle.

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