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Berries are best known for their "beauty and skin care” effect. Girls can eat more and it will help with anti-aging, Other than blueberries and cranberries, there are actually many berries that you may not have heard.

Some of them are because of their excellent beauty and metabolism-enhancing effects, and they have become highly recommended fruits by foreign nutritionists. In the past, there have been many research reports on berries, including fresh blueberries to help reduce the chance of diabetes, raspberries can boost male sperm activity, strawberries help maintain oral health, and almost all berries have anti-oxidant and immune-enhancing health benefits.

1. Acai berry : a small, dark purple fruit that grows in South America and contains up to 19 amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. It is worth mentioning that it is rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid. which are raw materials for DHA, which help to maintain mental and cardiovascular health.

2. Blueberry : Blueberry is also known as "natural generator" because it is rich in "manganese" nutrients, which can help increase physical strength and Vitamin K can strengthen bones. In addition, 1 cup of blueberry contains 4 grams of fiber, which is also the source of nutrients for digestion.

3. Camu camu fruit : Known as the world's highest vitamin C content, it is derived from the Amazon rainforest and is often used as a natural food for treat colds. It also helps strengthen tendons and ligaments. It is also rich in antioxidants which Fight free radicals in the human body.

4. Cranberry : When it comes to anti-infection food, cranberry is definitely on the list. The flavonoids “proanthocyanidins” can reduce urinary tract infections, but need to drink cranberry juice for a long time, at least 200cc per day.


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