Best Fruits for Skin Whitening

  • 1. Lemon

  •  Lemons help make your skin tone better, reduces blemishes and acne marks.
  •  Lemons will help you to lighten and whiten your skin. 

2. Kiwi

  •  Kiwi fruit contains more Vitamin C
  •  Vitamin C helps in boosting your body’s immunity. It keeps the skin, looking fresher and more youthful.

3. Avocados

  •  Avocados promote vitamin E that is a skin protector.
  •  Avocados are a rich source of biotin, famously known as B7. B7 promotes cells growth and regeneration.

4. Pomegranate

  •  Pomegranate falls in the same category as blueberries and green tea.
  •   Pomegranate rich antioxidant source, promoting the development of youthful skin, and supple skin.

5. Apples

  •  Apple is the richest source of malic acid, popularly known as fruits acid (alpha hydroxyl) the best thing with the fruit acid is that it is gentler than other beauty treatments chemicals such as salicylic and glycolic acid.
  •  Apple is the high fiber content that cleans the colon by promoting the development of a skin free from pimples.

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