Cat Nail Art Tutorial

Cat Nail Art Tutorial


1) Prepare the required nail polish and tools. Brush the base oil and let it dry.

2) Brush the rose purple nail polish on the thumb and let it dry. Then use the pink nail polish to draw the mouth color of the cat, and then use the dotting tools and detailed brush to draw eyes with yellow nail polish and wait. Then use dotting tool and detailed brush to lines of the eyebrows, nose and mouth with the black nail polish, wait until it dry.

3) Apply pink nail polish on the ring finger to draw the cat's body and tail color block, then let is dry. Draw outline lines with black nail polish and wait until dry. Then draw the texture of the body with purple nail polish and let it dry.

4) Apply white nail polish on the middle finger. Using dotting tool and detailed brush to draw the peach pattern with black nail polish.

5) Apply the bright nail polish and the cat nail art is complete.

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