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The mineral is a compound of fluorine and other minerals that naturally occur in the Earth's crust and is found throughout nature. Fluorine is a substance that your body needs, and it is found in cucumbers, avocados, sunflower seeds, and many of the other foods that you eat.

Benefits of Fluoride

  • Extensively research and based on sound science
  • Contributes to strong bones
  • Reduces the chances of tooth decay
  • Is cost effective

Using fluoridated water and dental products contributes to the health of your bones and teeth. Many myths have brought the use of fluoridated products to the spotlight, but the benefits are proven, safe and effective for children, adults and the elderly.

Myth #1: The benefits of fluoridated water are not well documented in the scientific community.

Fact: More than 70 years of research has shown that fluoridated water is linked to decreased risk of tooth decay. The Center for Disease Control recognizes the value of fluoridation and has cited the addition of the mineral to water as one of the greatest public health improvements of the 20th century.

Myth #2: Water fluoridation is expensive.

Fact: Fluoridating water and toothpaste is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve oral health across a large population.

Myth #3: Water is already fluoridated naturally, so we do not need to add more of the mineral.

Fact: It is true that drinking water is naturally fluoridated, but the levels of the mineral are not high enough to protect your teeth from decay.

Myth #4: The mineral that is used to fluoridate water is unsafe for consumption.

Fact: Fluoridated water is made with the mineral that is extracted from phosphate rocks. The rock is made into phosphoric acid that is added to drinking water and toothpaste, as well as many carbonated beverages, such as soda pops.

Myth #5: Fluoridated water is dangerous for children and the elderly.

Fact: Babies and young children are still developing their teeth, and this is one of the most important times to ensure that the bones and teeth grow strong. Drinking fluoridated water sets a child up for having a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

Myth #6: Swallowing fluoridated oral hygiene products is dangerous.

Fact: When children use the proper amount of fluoridated oral health products to clean their teeth and gums, swallowing a small amount will not threaten their health.

Myth #7: The use of fluoridated products has been linked to higher levels of cancer.

Fact: The occurrence of cancer amongst those who use fluoridated oral health products and drinking water has been studied extensively. Research has shown that there is not a significant link between cancer and using the mineral in drinking water and oral hygiene products.

Most modern toothpastes contain fluoride, and direct application of fluoride has been shown to be the most effective way to replace the lost minerals in the tooth enamel. Fluoride toothpaste is considered more effective than drinking fluoridated water. Some studies have shown that fluoride toothpaste may also minimize the development of bacteria on the teeth that cause enamel erosion.

Non-fluoride toothpaste may be recommended in some cases, such as:

Young children who are at risk for swallowing fluoride toothpaste
Those who are allergic to fluoride
Adults with certain medical conditions


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