Simple and trendy hair styles

Twisted hair

The classic twist is definitely a must-have for your outing, and the double twisted hair style or just a few simple little braids can make you look more lovely.


Ponytail represent full of vitality and youthfulness, the high ponytail is young and energetic, and the Korean-style curly double ponytail is more age-reducing, and the sporty style is eye-catching.

Two puff balls hair

Two puff balls hair style are really popular in the past 2 years, it makes you look cute and frisky.

Bud hair

The casual, lazy bud hair style may looks elegant, and this simple hair style is designed for every lazy afternoon, which turn the fluffy hair into stylish look.

Half princess hair

The girl with long hair is best suited to tie a sweet princess hair style. Combine long curly hair and half-tied hair. It is easy to create sweet and eye-catching hair style.


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