What activities can do on weekends?

Get Moving

Go For a Walk or Run : A brisk walk is healthy and can be a fascinating pursuit.

Dance: Turn on the radio, or stick on your iPod, and dance away to your favourite songs.

Check Out Your Local Community

Do Some Gardening: Head into your garden! If you live in a flat in the city you can check supermarkets for indoor potato or tomato growing bags and herb gardens.

Visit Friends: Organise to meet with friends and spend the day talking and having fun.

Volunteer Work: Consider doing some volunteer work for a charity.

Stay Indoors

Blog: If you want to write digitally you can start a blog.

Make a Homemade Pizza: Follow youtube guide to perfect this treat.

Get Creative

Draw: All you need is a pencil or crayons and some paper, then let your imagination run wild.

Creative Writing: A computer, or pen and paper, is all you need to be a writer. You just write whatever enters your head.

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