Whitening Tips : Dull skin tone because of sun light? You can just recover with ‘eating’!

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If you are exposed to the sun and lead to dull skin tone when you are young, it’s just take couple of days to recover back easily.

However, as the we grown up, the functions of the skin starts show signs of decline. It may took time to recover your dull skin tone if you expose under the sun.


As a matter of fact, sunscreen are not only wearing sunglasses, use umbrella and apply sun block product, take care of inner health are also important.

We will recommend several foods that help block the formation of melanin and indirectly reduce the pigmentation.

Vitamin C-Rich fruit.

In order to have bright and healthy skin, almost every dermatologist  recommend us to take 2-3 vitamin c-rich fruit daily like guava, kiwi, strawberry, etc. every day. Especially kiwi, rich in vitamin C, can interfere with melanin production and help eliminate freckles on the skin.

Yellow-red fruits and vegetables.

Red, orange, yellow vegetable and dark green leaf vegetables, such as mango, tomatoes, papaya, and spinach, contain a lot of carotene and other phytochemicals, which help to resist oxidation and enhance skin resistance. In particular, tomatoes are the best sunscreen foods, rich in antioxidant lycopene, and a daily intake of 16 mg lycopene can reduce the risk factor for sunburn by 40%.


For office workers, the best snacks are nuts such as almonds. Air conditioning, wind, and sun exposure will dehydrate skin. Most of the vegetable oil in nuts are rich in vitamin E. It helps to fight oxidation and eliminate free radicals. It softens the skin from the inside out, prevents wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, and make you look younger. it can effectively prevent brown pigment from depositing in the skin and prevent brown spots and plaque on the face.


Adlay has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays, and the extract can be added to the cosmetics to achieve the effects of sunscreen and ultraviolet protection. The proper amount of adlay consume can smoothen the skin, reduce wrinkles and eliminate plaques.

As a conclusion, never focus on the outer part only when you thinking of sunscreen method, also consider the right foods as extra protection.

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