LASCHÉ X Slimming Detox (LASCHE X)

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LASCHE X (1 Set)
- 1 bottle LASCHE X first base
- 1 bottle LASCHE X FUGA

LASCHE X is a perfect combination in helping you to achieve a body sculpting effect in a healthy way! FUGA affects the body's fat metabolism through blood sugar metabolism. Helps achieve the effect of reducing body fat! For the whole body, and also the most difficult slimming parts thigh, waist, arms. The most important thing to lose weight is not weight loss! But to reduce fat!
LASCHE X brand series advocates the concept of health and healthy life through the 3 keys [ Cleanse . Restore . Nourish] to help people find health and regain beauty. Through a healthy balance lifestyle, we provide the highest quality and healthiest ideas to help more people achieve external beauty and inner health.
Our products are guaranteed to be safe and effective. The acquisition of multi-country invention patents for raw materials has also been recognized by many awards. In addition, our company has a product liability insurance value of 2 million.
The biggest selling point of FUGA is bitter melon peptide. The bitter melon peptide helps to activate the insulin receptor, so that blood glucose can enter the cell smoothly, lowering blood sugar and helping fat metabolism. The bitter gourd peptide has excellent functions of lowering body fat and can effectively reduce the accumulation of liver fat. After research, it was found that the patented bitter gourd peptide has excellent hypoglycemic effect, which can reduce postprandial blood glucose by 53% within 2 hours, and can reduce glycated hemoglobin by 34% after 6 weeks, effectively reducing diabetes complications and taking it within four weeks. Lower body fat by 25%, prevent fatty liver and liver disease, can resist inflammation, protect the whole body from inflammatory reaction, and have no side effects.

Suggestion on taking FUGA to get the most benefit :

- Eat daily for 15 minutes before lunch/dinner and be sure to take it within 2 hours.

- Suggested 1-2 packages. Diabetic patient can consume 1 packet each before and after meals.

• 排毒
• 减脂
• 改善水肿问题
• 美颜美容
• 改善便秘问题
• 调理肠胃
• 提高免疫力

• 维持胰岛素水平
• 降血糖同时帮助脂肪代谢
• 恢复血糖调控技能
• 维持身材 塑身效果

天然无副作用 / 不绞痛 / 领先创新

适合对象 :
年长者 / 体弱多病 / 容易疲劳 / 免疫力差 / 脾胃不好 / 不吃蔬菜者 / 爱吃甜食 / 血糖高 / 长吃宵夜者 / 新陈代谢不佳者 / 肥胖族群

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